p.i.t. professional

.. p.lanning  > i.mplementation > t.ransformation ..

Our Focus

“A strategy, an optimization or improvement idea is only as good as its implementation , that’s what we learned on all levels of management”. The main focus of our activities is accordingly in the field of operational implementation, be it on top management or production floor level. This goes from project monitoring/implementation to interim management.



.. we can give you a clear orientation ..

From Strategy
to Implementation

• Management Consulting
• Operational Excellence
• Corporate Strategy
• Business Analysis
• Business Development
• Lean Production
• Product Development

From Projects
to Interim Management

• Interim Management
• Corporate Management
• Teamwork / TPM
• Production Management
• Process Optimization
• Pharma Packaging
• Glass Forming


.. change your approach ..


Even some fishes have learned to fly .. so why not give some new thoughts to your business ?

We can give you a new way of looking at your processes and your staff.

We offer a broad general management experience – from personnel management to financial management and controlling, from production to R&D.

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